$695.00 USD

Genealogical Reading

This reading reveals and explores the unconscious structures put in place sometimes a long time ago. In addition, its purpose is to help you unearth your blocked potentials that have been put on the back burner underneath these unconscious locks.

What you receive:

  • In-depth communication via email to establish the parameters of your reading
  •   A 100-minute (or longer) recording
  •  The list of roles your ancestors played in the tree

Testimonial by Edwige P.

It's quite a trip and a holy journey to walk through your own tree. I came out transformed and informed in an incomparable way. It's amazing and also very demanding. This crossing kept me busy in many ways and I am convinced that the seriousness of your approach, the great intelligence that goes long with it and the rigor of your work, make this reading unique, powerful and transformative. Thanks.