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Louise Dollin

Tarot Reader & Soul Therapist


"Once again I've listened to my reading... I hear you better each time. Your words settle in me in a unique way: more and more relieved from their pure intellectual meaning, they become steeped in a distinctive density and they deeply infuse in my flesh. Their silent echo expands my inner space, creating bubbles of peace and security, which light and lighten my intimate landscapes." Maryse Rolland - Writer



The feelings of satisfaction and plenitude often result from your efforts to know who you deeply are. This reading is both a powerful antidote to loss of meaning and a unique cartography of your inner landscapes.

"The rational mind, too preoccupied with its need for proof, is most of the time ruled by fear of making mistakes; the intuitive mind roams in the immensity of all potentials to meet a reality beyond reason."
~ Louise Dollin
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"I call Louise and explain my situation. She carefully listens to me. She helps me to dig up the question that lies hidden behind my words. This is in itself already soothing and clearing to name the true emerging question."

 "The greatest good we can do for others is not to convey our greatness, but to reveal theirs to them." ~ Louis Lavelle



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Everything in nature is cyclic and dynamic. So is your life. To decipher the surrounding energies in motion in your life circumstances, often reveals your subconscious needs that underlie them.

"Changing the course of destiny is not opposing it! Sometimes it is destiny itself that carries within it what will correct its course." ~ Bert Hellinger



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