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2024 Universal Year

VIII Justice

"In the book of Zohar, the scale is said to be the originator of creation to indicate that all forces of nature are perfectly balanced. In reality, absolute balance does not exist, there is a constant oscillation, because ...."


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The Ho'oponopono Prayer


Everything that touches you talks about you and you ultimately have the responsibility to respond to and address what is reacting in you. If it is sensitive it's because a part of you, known or unknown, has entered...


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Brief Reflections

III Empress (Reversed)

"A brief reflection on the third Tarot Arcana: The Empress (Reversed)"

"Take hold of"


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Brief Reflections

VIIII Hermit (Reversed)

"A brief reflection on the nineth Tarot Arcana: The Hermit (Reversed)"

"Help One Another"


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2023 Universal Year

VII The Chariot

"A brief reflection on the seventh Tarot Arcana: The Chariot."



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How to calculate your personal season
For the current year



It's based on very simple calculations from your date of birth and the current year.



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The Twenty-two "Human" Seasons
Associated with The Tarot Major Arcanas


Everything in nature is cyclic and dynamic. So is your life. Every life event withholds a particular energy that sustains its form and manifestation. These energies are vibrations, forces which can be known and recognized through the understanding of the so called...


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