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How To CaIculate Your Personal Year

The personal year is also known as your season for the current year


The calculations are really simple.

Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year.


For a person born on the 30th of April => 30 + 4 + 2023 = 2057

Take the total and add all the digits together => 2 + 0 + 5 + 7 = 14

In Tarot Numerology, you process to reduce the result between 1 & 22 included, which corresponds to the 22 Major Arcanas.

In the sample, the person is in her or his season 14 for 2023: The season of integration and healing. (You will find in the blog a complete article on all seasons linked to Tarot Numerology.

NOTE: Do not separately reduce the day or/and the month or/and the year. The theosophical reduction (horizontal addition of the digits contained in the result), is done at the end of the calculations, which you can repeat for year new year.

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