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2023 - The Universal Year of The Chariot (VII)

Brief Reflections on the Chariot - The Arcana of 2023

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The Chariot Questioning

  • What do you do with the powerfulness of your will?
  • Do you know the real fuel that feeds your desire to act?
  • Do you have clear goals?
  • Do you need to slow down or to speed up?
  • Do you find it easy to admire people for their accomplishments?
  • Do you need to change course or to strengthen your decisions?
  • Are you ready to overcome what is holding you back?

Victoria, goddess of ancient Rome, is associated with the Chariot conquering and Martian energy.

Nugget of Wisdom

Those you think it's impossible are asked not to disturb.


Free your motivations from their own conditioning.


"We can never say enough what poison comparison has introduced into our lives."

Jacques Lucchesi - Author of "The Desire to be someone else"


Why do I brilliantly master the contradictions that live within me and stimulate me?

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