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2024 - The Universal Year of JUSTICE (VIII)

Brief Reflections on Justice - The Arcana for 2024

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Justice Questioning

  • Where are you at in regard to being flexible?
  • Do you know in which circumstances you loose your poise?
  • Do you give yourself any space before rushing into criticism of yourself or others?
  • Is moderation a value for you?
  • Do you easily recognize the mirrors that others hold up to you?
  • Are your fair to yourself, others, your environment?
  • What transformation is needed in your life in 2024?

Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of prosperity,  balance and harmony, is associated with the 8th Tarot Arcana: Justice.

Nugget of Wisdom

Who pays his or her debts grows richer. [Whatever the nature of the debts]


Measure the consequences of your thoughts, words and actions as they are all inherent and creative forces beneath the manifested reality.


In the book of Zohar, the scale is said to be the originator of creation to indicate that all forces of nature are perfectly balanced. In reality, absolute balance does not exist, there is a constant oscillation, because if the two plates remained perfectly stabilized, no manifestation would be possible. It is thanks to this slight imbalance that the forces circulate, that everything is in motion. But it is necessary to prevent one of the trays from descending too low, as this could cause an overturn which would result in total destruction.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Why am I remaining flexible in all circumstances and find the way to adapt with ease to any necessary changes?

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