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Brief Reflections on the Tarot Major Arcanas

The Empress (Reversed)

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"Take hold of"


The Empress (Reversed) Questioning

  • What part of me do I tend to overly highlight?
  • What part of me do I tend to underestimate?
  • What is immature in my inputs?
  • What is overrated in my conduct?
  • Do I need to toughen up to assert myself?
  • Does my emotional intelligence have a real place in my perceptions?
  • Am I in agreement with what I display on the outside?

Saraswati is the deity of knowledge and speech. In Hinduism She represents intelligence, the arts, creativity and eloquence.

Nugget of Wisdom

We are what we eat.


Don't rely on appearences alone.


"Authority lives in plausible speech."

Pierre Rosenvallon - French historian and sociologist


Why am I worthy of the highest esteem?

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