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Six-Month Projection

This reading gives you:

  • An overview for the next six months
  • A sense of your focus points
  • The area of challenges
  • An understanding of what is at stake
  • A vision of the energies at play around you
  • A forecast of the easy and challenges aspects
  • A presentation of the most delicate aspects to manage
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What is amazing with this reading is first of all your voice, which suddenly is there, very present and which establishes a distance with your own self. One suddenly realizes that the tarot has become a support for contemplation.

For my part, I got into the habit of listening to my whole projection all  at once, in the impatience to discover it. Then, comes the time to re-listen to it, when I jot down notes that I take care to re-read. I underlines the points that seemed significant or even embarrassing to me.

In a form of meditation, I then note the feelings, emotions and words that come. Thus buried memories, beliefs, injunctions come up and each time, an action falls into place or a thought that allows me to get out of sadness, anger or, on the contrary, exaggerated euphoria.

As a result, the reading becomes a tangible tool for regaining possession of the meaning of things, a kind of compass that allows in the mass of daily information to find the hidden meaning of the events that punctuate each moment." Dany T.