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The Genealogical Reading

This reading is a journey into the heart of your family tree and the memories that affect, unbeknownst to you, your life.

Memories are like a series of buttons, once pushed, reactivate a set of unresolved emotions, issues and traumas from your past and from your ancestors from whom you have not only inherited their DNA, but also subconscious programming. These programmes remain the prism through which you perceive yourself and life, until you clear their clusters clogging the flow of love within your genealogical tree. Traumatic events divert its flow by creating blocks, restrictions and repressions whose function is to ensure survival.

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I have been having a difficult time dealing with my mom’s severe anxiety and guilt, since my dad's illness and death.

With these latest events, I wanted to see how I was connected to the anxiety and guilt of my family. Almost everyone in my family has anxiety. I entertained the thought that maybe by exploring the ancestry I could clear more of this tension for myself and also for my mom.

So I asked Louise to do a Genealogical Reading for me.

Louise brought to the surface the traumatic links to today’s guilt and how it had taken root in my family, crossing at least five generations.

The reading provided such a lay out of the patterns and the parallel with my grandmother’s experience was staggering for me.

One aspect of the Genealogical Reading is to elucidate the different roles that the family members take on.

As a trauma moves through the tree without being cleared, it always moves away from a tangible and concrete form and shifts to a more subtle expression.

During the reading, Louise explained how guilt and anxiety magnifies with each generation that does not address the original wound.

Louise offered me tools that I can use in meditation to go back and work with my ancestors, to acknowledge them and to offer them forgiveness. And thank them for what they brought to me .

I am very grateful for the beauty and depth of Louise’s work. She has helped me come to a much more peaceful and connected place in my lineage and with my current family. Joy K.